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Coffees through the Zodiac

Following an EPIC 4am posting frenzy on Facebook with my friends Theo Naicker, Samuel F Reynolds and Jenn Zahrt, we collectively came up with a few coffees through the zodiac ideas. As I've recently worked out how to do astrology memes, I immediately went on to create a few to entertain my friends. And it proved to be quite popular. What I like about these memes is that they are astrologer in-jokes but yet not inaccessible to non astrologers. Note how I am no longer referring to non astrologers as "Muggles"? I thought it was cute but I'm trying to build bridges not walls and I don't want anyone to think astrology is an impenetrable wall with non astrologers on one side and sniggering astrologers on the other. (But a wall with sniggering non astrologers one side and astrologers on the other doesn't seem right either). I'm still thinking about a less clunky collective noun than "non astrologers" but I digress. Suggestions in the comments would be welcome.

So this is a just a round up of the coffees through the zodiac with a few explanations for the choices:

Aries is ruled by Mars, a planet associated with the sexual urge, vitality and motivation. What better way to motivate an Aries than a dash of ginseng? Gotta be extra hot to please that Mars. I very much like what Jenn wrote about planetary influences in Verdant Gnosis: Cultivating the Green Path: Volume 2 (which I am reviewing for a magazine): "Mars likes things of its own nature, thus hot and sharp things, and when he cannot get hot and sharp, he will get frustrated and act accordingly."
We don't want any frustrated hot and sharp Aries now do we?

Taurus is ruled by Venus which Jenn says prefers "peace and connection". Venus also ruled Libra and so I usually make the distinction between the two signs by associating Taurus with more natural things like forest and trees hence the wooden mug. Venus likes sweet things but I'd say refined sugar is more for Libra whereas Maple syrup is more suitable for the nature-loving taste buds of Taurus.
By the way, that wooden mug is expensive ;)

Gemini is ruled by Mercury, a sexually ambiguous God. Mercury was the only God who was allowed to enter the kingdom of Heaven (Jupiter) and the kingdom of Pluto (The Underworld) and at the same time, delivering messages to mortals. He had wings on his feet and was known to be very fast.
A coffee for Gemini should represent Mercury's dual nature, airy tendencies and if I could have found a decent photo that displayed these tendencies in a takeaway cup, I would have used it. It's hard to find exactly what you need amongst Mug--I mean non-astrologers' photos (you see I am trying).

I got quite a bit of feedback from the various signs saying their Sun Sign coffee wasn't to their liking. And I have to say this coffee doesn't really appeal to me even though I am a Cancerian (but mainly because I am a tea drinker).
Cancer is ruled by the Moon which represents our past and our relationship to people who have been influential in caring for us, usually the mother.
So the coffee has to reflect our need to remember the care bestowed upon us. And what better way to do this than having an extra milky cup, a warm comforter and mother's homemade cookie (on the side of course because Cancer is ruled by the Crab which moves sideways).
By the way, some of my fondest childhood memories are of sipping tea with my grandmother.

I had problems finding the right mug for Leo so I originally used this cup for Libra and had a sort of tea set fit for a King to represent the pride of the Lion. 
But then I found a better cup for Libra so was able to swap this one to Leo's coffee. It certainly has the bling associated with Leo.
Leo is ruled by the Sun and all the planets in our galaxy revolve around it so astrologers like to joke that that is how a Leo thinks life should be down here on planet earth too.

I originally used this to represent our Virgo friends' attachment to anti bacterials but then felt a little bad about ribbing them so much. 
Virgo is also ruled by Mercury but has its associations with the Caduceus too. So Virgo usually has an interest in health care. And being an earth sign, they are practical, no nonsense and their attention to detail is very useful.

So they needed a coffee to reflect that.

I still couldn't resist a little jab at Virgo's need for cleanliness. I didn't think regular milk (with all its artificially infused hormones) would suit so it had to be organic almond milk. And of course no self -respecting Virgo would want to use refined sugar.

For some reason, I always struggle with Libra. Perhaps because it is the only inanimate sign (ruled by The Scales) or perhaps because they constantly try to find a balance so it's hard to know if they are ordering what they like or just trying to please you.
Jenn says a Libra would say "I'll have what you're having" which I agree with but I wanted to get a coffee that reflected their personality if they were having that very rare coffee on their own (being an air sign, they like company and relationships so that would be very rare indeed).
I like the way this coffee shows balance and served with extra sugar, it also pleases Venus.
I wish I could have shown this being served by a Libra's man of the dreams. But then that's quite subjective, distracting and totally off topic of coffees. Nice thought though.

This mug was a real find. And as Scorpio is ruled by Pluto and co ruled by Mars, it nicely reflects sex and death. Of course with a boost from Viagara.

Jupiter, ruler of Sagittarius, was the god of gods, the ruler of Heaven. Jupiter's vantage point from the clouds supposedly gave him unlimited omniscience and omnipotence (his symbol is the lightning bolt) so Sagittarius is associated with religion, philosophy and foreign travel.
I suppose I could have added a communion wafer on the side but that seemed a little too sacrilegious even if it was just a Saturday morning and not a Sunday.

Being ruled by Saturn, our Capricorn friends are known for their hard work, sense of discipline and business skills. So they like to burn the candle from both ends and need the extra caffeine to keep up their strength. The coffee is no frills too.

Aquarius is ruled by Uranus (co-ruled by Saturn). Uranus is the only planet that has a north-south axis and was the first (and only) planet to be discovered through the invention of the telescope. So we think of Aquarians as being eccentric rebels. What would an Aquarian do in an coffee shop? Well because they are represented by the Water Bearer and because they are ruled by Uranus, they would order a bottle of water. And the internet. Aquarians must have internet (Uranus also ruled technology.

I tease Pisces a lot for the alleged need to escape reality. Alcohol and other drugs are addictive but anaesthetise (by the way, anaesthesia was discovered around the time that Neptune was discovered) us from the harshness of reality. Pisces is ruled by Neptune, the god of the seas but like Sagittarius is also ruled by Jupiter (remember that the sacrament of Communion involves wine). But Pisces is far more deep than just their love of alcohol: they are compassionate, self sacrificing and intuitive too. It's probably more telling about society that I couldn't find a coffee to represent them than it is about their tender natures. Or perhaps it just says I couldn't see anything funny in the "Pay it Forward" premise let alone find a decent photo.

Theo Naicker and I are business partners so I'm lucky to see him often. I hadn't met Jenn Zahrt in person so what a treat it was to catch her between her arrival by plane to London and her transit to Bath for the Sophia Centre Conference by train. It was even better as it was also the solstice. I'm so fortunate that this is actually my second consecutive summer solstice. The last one I had was in Cape Town and as both Jenn and Theo have connections to South Africa, it really was a special treat to have what felt like a Cape Town solstice all over again.

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Following on from her powerful book on astrology and Education, “Growing Pains”, Alex Trenoweth explores the benefits of using “the bad guy” of the solar system: Saturn. Often avoided and seldom understood, if we understand our own Saturn then we can help others to understand theirs. Using case studies of  highly successful people contrasted with convicted serial killers, Trenoweth deftly demonstrates the dire consequences of feeding the wrong dog.

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