Monday, 3 July 2017


In the early hours of this morning, my progressed moon slipped in Cancer. Since the New Moon in Cancer a week or so ago, I've been feeling decidedly quiet and reflective, thinking about my next moves and just generally contemplating my "needs" for security. (Don't worry my needs are cheap and easy). It's the end of the road for this tour and what a ride it's been. So many new contacts, new ideas, seeing family, fortifying friendships and the developing confidence and courage to get from one place to another without getting lost, losing something important or getting hurt or sick. 

Just imagine what I could achieve if I actually had more specific goals in mind!

Things got quiet for me in Las Vegas and for that I am grateful because there were about 10 days when things were hyper-exciting (in the best possible ways) but since that New Moon I've needed quiet moments and how fortunate I was to be able to spend time with my friend Carol, who is a powerhouse of good energy in the astrology world. On top of taking me on the most spectacular tour of the Vegas casinos (neither of us gamble), she taught me some very important lessons.

"You need a photo with a million dollars," she told me firmly on our first night in Sin City. We were just passing Binion's on our way to check out the light shows on the Fremont Street Experience. I sort of stood behind this pile of money encased in plastic.

'That's a real million dollars," the photographer coached, "Act like you want it!" So I kind of embraced the stash and gurned for the camera.

"Oh and here's a gold nugget!" Carol called, pointing at this massive thing behind a glass case. I looked around at all the security cameras who no doubt had armed police ready to shoot my poor ass
if I were to make a threatening move. Nevertheless, it was rather cool to be able to admire this big piece of solar metal.

This was my second trip to Las Vegas. The first time was taken over with my delight at meeting my buddy Tim but this trip really made me think about a lot of things: what we do for money, the people we connect with to do business, the risks we take, the hills and troughs of fame and fortune, what we sell and the prices we sell for. Everywhere we looked were the investments made from bad gambles: Murano glass displays, intricate flower arrangements, pretty people, lights, lights and more lights and jaw dropping free performances, shows that cost the earth to see, entertainers everywhere, cheap beer and wonderful food. Perfect stuff for preparing for the ruling planet of my second house as it progresses into well, its ruling sign. 

Over a year ago, my friend Marianthe in Melbourne AUS, took me out to breakfast. She reminded me of the importance of aiming high, of paying one's self what was deserved.

I've often joked that I'm the worse businesswoman in the world, that the usual laws of Economics don't apply to me and that in terms of finances, I'm the rather bouncy sort: money comes and goes, goes and comes with hardly any input on my part. When it comes to finances, I'm a "look at the birds" (Matthew 6:26) kind of girl. Other than a few very safe investments, I'm not the type to pinch and save at the cost of missing out on something interesting. 

I could even embrace $1,000,000 and a priceless gold nugget in Las Vegas and not feel any particular sorrow in letting go of it. Of course, I didn't make any big wins either.

They say travelling changes a person and I can definitely confirm that. My woeful problem is that I'm about to hit the classroom again as a "normal" teacher. On top of unlimited fulfilment, teaching provides the salary that allows me to travel.

Towards the end of this journey, I wonder if I haven't gotten things turned around back to front: maybe I should look at the idea that travelling allows me to teach, to find my grounding and inspiration.

I don't know what kind of birds Matthew was talking about when he said that they don't sow or reap or store up food. Clearly they weren't the kind of birds that dive bomb ice cream owners on hot summer days. Or the kind that dive-bombs 6 spicy buffalo wings on a Friday night after a few pints of the old brewskis. 

I think if I were the kind of person who wanted a million dollars, I would have had it by now. And in many, many ways I am a millionaire by my own standards. But I want to remain in control of who actually calls the shots!

"I'm not the kind of bird who will let some other bird make her nest," thus spake Alex Trenoweth, natal stellium in Cancer, P Moon in Cancer, P Jupiter cj N Sun in Cancer.

About the Astrologer

Alex Trenoweth was voted Best International Astrologer, 2015 for her dynamic presentation on her innovative and original research into Astrology and Education. Her book, "Growing Pains" is an exciting development in astrology as it combines classroom teaching experience, sound investigation and the potential to have a positive impact on struggling adolescents, parents, teachers and those who have been labelled "at risk". She writes the weekly and monthly horoscopes and other articles for the Cosmic Intelligence Agency, one of the largest astrological social media groups on the web and was also a speaker for the AstroSummit, a guest lecturer for the London School of Astrology and has spoken at several UK local astrology groups. Past international events include United Astrology Conference (2008) ISARState of the Art Astrology conference, the Kepler Conference, Congresso Internacional de Astrologia (Portugal), Kepler College, the Mercury Internet School of Psychological Astrology, Astrology Restored in Cape Town,  the International Academy of Astrology and NORWAC Upcoming events include San Diego, Las Vegas, the San Francisco Astrology Society and the Scottish Astrological Association Alex is also Vice Principal and Secretary General of International Affairs for the Krishnamurti Institute of Astrology and will will be taking up her residential post in India 2017. For queries, consultations or syndications, please contact Alex via or leave a message in the comment section.
"Growing Pains" can be purchased in paperback or kindle format on Amazon or can be signed and posted directly to you by Alex.

About the New Book

There are two wolves fighting inside of me, the old story goes, one wolf is good and the other is evil. “But Grandfather,” asked the child, “Which one wins?” The Grandfather answered, “The wolf I feed.”

We might like to think that being good is a natural instinct. In fact, doing the right thing takes a conscious decision. Every day, we are met with temptation to get ahead at the expense of someone else, to get away with something we know is wrong or to cut corners if we think no one is watching.

Following on from her powerful book on astrology and Education, “Growing Pains”, Alex Trenoweth explores the benefits of using “the bad guy” of the solar system: Saturn. Often avoided and seldom understood, if we understand our own Saturn then we can help others to understand theirs. Using case studies of  highly successful people contrasted with convicted serial killers, Trenoweth deftly demonstrates the dire consequences of feeding the wrong wolf.


Galliford Sharon said...

sounds like you and I are birds of a feather!

Alex Trenoweth said...

Hahah--cuckoos together!