Friday, 14 July 2017

On the Chris Flisher Show

One of the biggest surprises of my recent tour to the US was being a guest of Chris Flisher on his show, "The Turning of the Wheel"! It was a very unexpected chance meeting that just happened to perfectly slot into our busy schedules. Chris gave me plenty of freedom to run my big mouth on astrology and education and how we're letting our children down by not understanding their needs or knowing when they need the extra support. I have a lot to say about the so-called modern educational system so you might want to have a listen if you have school age children.

Chris has been interviewing astrologers for decades and past shows featured Jeff Jawer, Steven Forrest, Dorothy Oja, A.T. Mann, Glenn Perry, Eric Meyers and many, many others. Our hour together just flew by and what a thrill to be interviewed by one of the best.

You can hear the show on Apple iTunes by going to this page

Interested unlearning more about how you can help your children to develop into strong and confident adults? My book "Growing Pains" is due to be re-published very, very soon.

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