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ISAR Conference (Part Two)

Me and Matt Savinar in mutual reception
ISAR Part One 
ISAR Part Three

After an evening of astrology chatter and sharing starry love, it was time to get down to the business of taking in astro knowledge. As part of the voluntary crew, it was my job to work with my astro brother Samuel Reynolds to ensure all the audio-visual equipment was working for all the speakers. This meant I could pop in and out of several talks without seeming rude. And what a lineup it was! In between my dips into a spectacular array of lectures, I had the chance to chat with a few interesting people.

Me and Tem Terriktar
I have no idea why it never occurred to me that I might run into the divine Matt Savinar whose astrology magazine Hexagon I had the pleasure of being in. One of the very best things about conferences is the opportunity to meet folks in person and in Matt's case, it was the chance to thank him for all his promotional work for "Growing Pains". It's well worth checking out the Hexagon website!

And speaking of astrology magazines, I also bumped into Tem Terriktar of the Mountain Astrologer. Again, I have to say how nice it is to see respectable astrology magazines with such excellent websites. Of course, I had to have a selfie with Tem!

Komilla Sutton, yours truly and Ehsan
After the second day of lectures, the excitement of the impending banquet was palpable and it was time for me to slip into something that suited my Moon in Leo--haha a black and gold dinner jacket. My dinner date was the very lovely Ehsan Khazeni who unsurprisingly was a hit at the conference. At one point, I had to pull my Ehsan from the clutches of Michael Lutin and Glenn Perry who wanted him to sit at their table. We got a round of applause from bemused observers as I re-claimed Ehsan as MY date. Here we are with the gorgeous (and BOLLYWOOD ACTRESS) Komilla Sutton!!

Erin Sullivan, Alois Treindl, Lynn Bell, Ehsan and me
Another surprise of the evening was meeting the Astrodienst founder, Alois Treindl. Astrodienst is a FREE astrology programme that I had been using since the early noughties well before I was able to afford Solar Fire and other expensive astrology programmes. I can honestly say Astrodient was an integral part in helping me pass early astrology exams and in supporting my early astrology consulting career. I was so pleased Alois was honoured with a well deserved Lifetime Achievement award! The photo is a little blurry but here I am with Erin Sullivan, Lynn Bell, astro brother (and date!!)  Ehsan, and Alois!

At the risk of seeming like I am astro-worshipping Frank Clifford, I just want to say as one of the few (honourary) Brits attending ISAR that I hooted and hollered when he received the "Best Article" award for contributions to the fabulous ISAR Journal! Seriously a proud moment!

Richard and Victoria Smoot, the editors of the ISAR magazine,  received a well deserved honour for all their hard work. Like Ray, Richard is a Michigan man--and automatically gets into my good books (being born in Michigan myself!).

Me with the divine Hakan Kirkoglu
I have to put in a huge shout out to the totally gorgeous Hakan Kirkoglu . . . Just because he is totally brilliant. And gorgeous. And don't we look marvellous together?

The funniest moment of the evening goes to the beautimus Chris Renstrom, who mispronounced my last name. Well. . .we can't let there be any doubt on how this very tricky name is pronounced now can we?? So here we are with me schooling Chris on the correct pronunciation (so lovely to finally meet you Chris!! xxx).

Antonia, Ray Merriman and me
The evening finished with me gatecrashing Ray Merriman's after party in his hotel room. I had managed to capture another photo of him with the lovely Antonia earlier in the evening before I polished off the last of his beer with Glenn Perry (who I will be seeing again at the Kepler Astrology Conference and at the First Annual Astrology Conference in Portugal).  High Five Glenn and see you soon xxx

There will be a part 3 to this review but for now, it's late here in the UK and no doubt I will be picking out typos for the next couple of days. . . But here's a few photos to leave you with. . .
CIA get together!

Rock Stars!

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