Tuesday, 25 October 2016

The Stuff Wot I've Been Up To

I can't even think of any excuses for being such a naughty blogger. Four months? Yikes! But I've been busy editing "The Wolf You Feed" as well as working on a few (snork) other writing projects and just trying to do "something" with my various scribblings (oh the hazards of Saturn in Pisces). I'm also happy to say I've pulled together the accompanying lecture for "Wolf" which I delivered at the Southend Astrology group over the summer. I've made a few last minute.com decisions on the publishing of the book so things are taking a little longer than anticipated but it's coming on--as are the other things.

Before I begin waxing lyrical about the fabulous conference that was #ISAR2016, I need to get everyone up to speed with what has been happening these past four months.

I'll start by saying that I wish I had realised that teaching could be something other than killing myself in a classroom with 30+ kids and all the other accompanying BS that goes with it. But perhaps if I hadn't slogged it out the hard way first, all the fabulous opportunities that have come my way would not have happened. Anyway, I spent a lovely summer at a language school teaching English and taking kids out to various tourist attractions (including West End shows) in London. Vive la difference! 

I've been working with the delightful and insightful Theo Naicker on various Across the Universe webinars (which can be purchased here). I took a bit of time out to visit some friends at the FAS Summer School in August (always good to catch up with everyone).

Being the lucky woman I am, I also had the opportunity to teach an astrology session for the London School of Astrology's Music Evening. The wonderful Frank Clifford let me choose my own topic and I wanted to do something fun yet challenging so I chose "A Trio of Trumpeters" as my lecture and explored the charts of Louis Armstrong, Miles Davis and the divine Wynton Marsalis. I wanted to look at the differences and similarities in the charts of highly specialised professionals. Of course, I couldn't resist teaching Frank a thing or two. . .a shame he didn't manage to get a note out (but he was SO cute giving it a try!). A special thanks to Theo for helping me decide on a significator for the trumpet embouchure (you'll just have to listen to the lecture if you're curious about what it is). And thanks to Geraldine Williams for the photos.

Besides me, the lovely and smart Kim Farley and the ever wise Neil Spencer also spoke on the night. Way back, I remember Kim referring to her beginner astrologers at the FAS Summer School as her "babies" and her passion for teaching the newbies has always stayed with me. Neil and I have been friends since our Club of 27 days and it was good to see him again. In fact, the whole evening was rather like a reunion. Here we are all together and don't we look fabulous?
And Neil, don't worry, I will keep my promise and not share "that" (gasp) photo ;) Thanks for the pint and also for telling me I had lost the anguished look of years past.

Later that week, was the online AstroSummit. I was in great company with Frank, John Green, Mark Jones, my astro siblings Nick Dagan Best, Michelle Gould and Samuel Reynolds along with so many others. I wasn't too sure about how I did (so different to live events!) but I was re-assured at ISAR that all went well (phew).

I'm a fairly easy going person but just like everyone else, I can occasionally get into a bit of a funk. Luckily for me, these episodes are short-lived but can be quite intense. As if hearing my cries of distress, my beautiful astro sister Ana and my astro b(r)other Nick came to the UK enroute to the US. It was just the tonic I needed! Within a minute of their company, I was smiling again and nearly back to my normal self. I had missed them so badly and we had such a blast in London with Laura Boomer-Trent--we hadn't been together since our time in India way back in February. Laura took us on an incredible magical mystery tour that began in Brixton and ended at The Astrology Shop (actually it didn't end there) where I found my book on the shelf!!

OK, now for ISAR 2016!

Oh wait. . .a few more pics of Frank and my trumpet Wynton. . .By the way, Geraldine said Frank and I "jumped around like a pair of frogs". Gemini rising, both of us!

Classes start soon at The London School of Astrology so follow this link to join in the fun!!
I'm telling Frank he doesn't need to blow hard!

He almost looks like a pro, right?
And hahahaha! I got him to plug my book
Just because Wynton (my trumpet) looks so magnificent!

About the Astrologer

Alex Trenoweth was voted Best International Astrologer, 2015 for her dynamic presentation on Astrology and Education. Her book, "Growing Pains" is an exciting development in astrology as it combines classroom teaching experience, sound research and the potential to have a positive impact on struggling adolescents, parents, teachers and those who have been labelled "at risk". For queries, consultations or syndications, please contact Alex via www.alextrenoweth.com or leave a message in the comment section.

About the New Book

There are two dogs fighting inside of me, the old story goes, one dog is good and the other is evil. “But Grandfather,” asked the child, “Which one wins?” The Grandfather answered, “The dog I feed.”

We might like to think that being good is a natural instinct. In fact, doing the right thing takes a conscious decision. Every day, we are met with temptation to get ahead at the expense of someone else, to get away with something we know is wrong or to cut corners if we think no one is watching.

Following on from her powerful book on astrology and Education, “Growing Pains”, Alex Trenoweth explores the benefits of using “the bad guy” of the solar system: Saturn. Often avoided and seldom understood, if we understand our own Saturn then we can help others to understand theirs. Using case studies of  highly successful people contrasted with convicted serial killers, Trenoweth deftly demonstrates the dire consequences of feeding the wrong dog.

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