Friday, 28 October 2016

ISAR Conference (Part 3)

ISAR Part One
ISAR Part Two
So. . .after the party comes the morning after!

But everyone looked chipper enough to me on Sunday morning. And the incredible thing was the buzz was still going strong. Sometimes conferences can feel like you're being herded from one lecture to another and everyone is drooping by the last day. But everywhere I looked, there were happy faces and as the conference came to a close, there were many invitations to collaborate with other fantastic astrologers. (I couldn't quite squeeze in a photo of me with Dennis Harness and Ehsan in the previous post so I do so now).

I was delighted to be invited to speak at the San Francisco Astrological Society on 29 June 2017 just a few weeks after I'll be lecturing at Northwest Astrological Conference (NORWAC) near Seattle Washington. I have so many Facebook friends from San Francisco and their astrology meetings look like such a blast so I was well chuffed to get an invitation.

I finally got to meet David Cochrane and his lovely wife Fei after hearing so much about them. David was kind enough to give me a shout out for my research into astrology and education and to invite me to present this research at the upcoming Kepler Conference (not to be confused with Kepler College) in Florida in January. And on the subject of my academic research, one of my papers on the lunar phases and adolescent behaviour has been peer reviewed a few times. I'm relieved it won't take too much effort to fix up and pleased my inner nerd is still on the sharp side. My good friend Armand Diaz will be writing more about my research in an upcoming issue of the Astrology News Service and my new buddy Matt Savinar will be interviewing me for Hexagon magazine. I'm awaiting advice on the best magazine to publish my work (the big question seems to centre around should it go in an astrological magazine or an academic scientific one). But it's all coming on.

I completely forgot to mention the "Org Crawl Parties" on Friday night. This was a chance to mingle amongst various astrological societies to see what was happening. I made a point to visit each of the seven groups and was just amazed at the ingenuity shown. Special shout out to Rick Levine who played live music at the OPA party and to Queer Astrology for being so loving, welcoming and open. The rest of the groups were just as lively and innovative and if I had the time and energy I would have joined all of them.

All good things come to an end and I was fortunate to have been close to my astro sister Michelle Gould as she prepared for her lecture and for the closing address of ISAR. Michelle had put an enormous amount of work into making the
ISAR conference such a success and it was an honour to have been able to spend so much time with her. Shall I reveal a little secret? Michelle practiced and practiced her closing address (and her lecture as well) so just the right mood was created for the delegates to go home on. As I listened to her address the 500 delegates, I tried to experience her words as if I had never heard them before and I had that warm, fuzzy feeling of being loved and treasured and I was sorry to have to start saying good byes when she was finished. It really was a great conference and so many things seemed to conspire to bring me to California that I just knew I was meant to be there. As I've said before, all conferences are special but to me ISAR 2016 brought a huge contingent of people together and got them to work harmoniously together. What a shame we couldn't bottle that energy and distribute it to a few political parties, eh?

I was fortunate to have been able to stay on for another night--and even got to autograph a couple more of my books.
On a final note, ISAR lectures are recorded and can be purchased by clicking this link.

About the Astrologer

Alex Trenoweth was voted Best International Astrologer, 2015 for her dynamic presentation on her innovative and original research into Astrology and Education. Her book, "Growing Pains" is an exciting development in astrology as it combines classroom teaching experience, sound investigation and the potential to have a positive impact on struggling adolescents, parents, teachers and those who have been labelled "at risk". She writes the weekly and monthly horoscopes and other articles for the Cosmic Intelligence Agency, one of the largest astrological social media groups on the web and was also a speaker for the AstroSummit, a guest lecturer for the London School of Astrology and has spoken at several UK local astrology groups. Upcoming international events include Breaking Down the Borders, the Kepler Conference, Congresso Internacional de Astrologia (Portugal) NORWAC and the San Francisco Astrology Society Alex is also a Professor of Western Astrology and Secretary General of International Affairs for the Krishnamurti Institute of Astrology and will will be taking up her residential post in India early 2017. For queries, consultations or syndications, please contact Alex via or leave a message in the comment section.
"Growing Pains" can be purchased in paperback or kindle format on Amazon or can be signed and posted directly to you by Alex.

About the New Book

There are two wolves fighting inside of me, the old story goes, one wolf is good and the other is evil. “But Grandfather,” asked the child, “Which one wins?” The Grandfather answered, “The wolf I feed.”

We might like to think that being good is a natural instinct. In fact, doing the right thing takes a conscious decision. Every day, we are met with temptation to get ahead at the expense of someone else, to get away with something we know is wrong or to cut corners if we think no one is watching.

Following on from her powerful book on astrology and Education, “Growing Pains”, Alex Trenoweth explores the benefits of using “the bad guy” of the solar system: Saturn. Often avoided and seldom understood, if we understand our own Saturn then we can help others to understand theirs. Using case studies of  highly successful people contrasted with convicted serial killers, Trenoweth deftly demonstrates the dire consequences of feeding the wrong wolf.


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