Saturday, 16 August 2008

Another Happy Caturday

I was thinking that I should do something with my life then I remembered: ha! I'm on holiday! For the rest of the year (when these next two weeks are finished), I'll be planning, teaching, marking, handing out detentions, commuting, negotiating, pleading. . .you get the idea: it will be back to school before I know it.
But for now, it's just another happy Caturday with my two little mushies, Bubbles and Purrseus. And here's a delicious Mars in the 6th joke for content little pussies everywhere!
A little old lady with a kitty cat comes across a lamp and gives it a rub.
*poof* out comes a genie. The genie says:
"You have freed me and now I will grant you three wishes!"
"Oh!" exclaims the old lady, "I wish to be young and beautiful again!"
*poof* and she's young and beautiful again!
"Oh!" she says again, admiring her new found curves, "I wish to be rich!"
*poof* and she has loads of dosh at her feet.
"Oh!" she says, stroking her cat, "This tom cat has been my most faithful companion these past few lonely years. Make him into a handsome man so we can love each other for the rest of our young lives!"
*poof* And the cat sitting in her lap turns into a man who looks quite a bit like George Clooney. The pair kiss passionately.
The man says: "I'll bet you're sorry you had me fixed now aren't you?"

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