Wednesday, 13 August 2008

Spot the difference

I was so exhausted by the end of the school year that I was genuinely concerned that I had worked myself into a serious illness. However, after a few days of rest, this concern proved itself foundless. Nevertheless, let's have a look at me before and after!

Left is a photo of me presenting my dissertation for the Sophia Centre. Gawd, what a dweeb! I worked bloody hard for my Master's degree and I did it whilst working full time and being a mother! So I reckon I was entitled to be a little tired!!

Now have a look at me on holiday, lol! As you know, I consider myself to be an astrological joke teller extraordinaire but Ray Merriman (more on him later!) didn't half put me through my paces! Uranus cj Pluto cj the Moon in Virgo in the 12th??? OK baby, you're on!
A boy comes home from school and asks: "Hey dad, what's the difference between theory and reality?"
Dad says: "Go ask your sister if she would sleep with the mailman for a million dollars."
The boy does this and answers the father in the affirmative.
The dad says: "Now ask your mother the same thing!"
The boy duly does this and returns with the same affirmative answer.
The boy says: "I don't get it!"
Dad says: "Theoretically, we are multi-millionaires. In reality, we're living with a couple of sluts!"

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